“Genghis Khan 2″ female occupations suit broke the news

Ding 2010, carried the giant online games for “Genghis Khan 2″ today ReheaterTubes Explosion Meng Liao, a new women’s professional new to suit an array of violent strikes, Best original painting can not help but appeals to the imagination, graceful stroke outlines the beautiful female body characteristics, surface jade fat, grace Shining, together with the gauze material personal decoration, landscape indeed thousands, glance, many otaku address him “nosebleed spewing!”

It is reported that large tracts of the latest online games, “Genghis Khan 2″ to “fresh gorgeous epic” tone for the style, with emphasis on traditional art resources in the different online games, players enter the game’s first moment you can feel the backing of the magnificent style , the rushing through time and space of the stagnant atmosphere. In addition, the “Genghis Khan 2″ novice-oriented develop a variety of fun and beauty of teaching tasks for white players can easily get started, enjoy the game in the history of mankind the worst PK fun! Here let us appreciate the hot female novice professional package it!

“Genghis Khan 2″ female occupations suit broke the news
Gorgeous Crusaders

Mediterranean Sea Crusader (female)

Crusader features: the Mediterranean is the most dedicated crusader cleric who, from God’s will so that they become the battlefield of the most valiant warriors, attached great importance to honor and loyalty they are standing on the battlefield throughout the front line, willing to defend with their blood or even their beliefs, using the superb fighting skills and confront the enemy.

Equipment Description: God of staff from the Mediterranean – the Crusaders, this set of equipment with a white silk fabric for the background, the red armor as the main line. Big Red Cross as the main composition elements of the ecological elements of the original Crusaders all join the Red Cross not only represents the iron will, but to show women that the slightest fire tender.

“Genghis Khan 2″ female occupations suit broke the news
Highland Beauty

Plateau Lama (female)

Occupational characteristics: love of nature and the high altitude Lama lives, they reveal a strong ability to have domesticated, although their lack of offensive skills, but cultivation to high lamas that he can morph into mythical beasts, the ability to rely on a strong fight, they reveal a strong synergy with the operational capacity of no less than the output of any job, while Lama is a super team, supported employment, can significantly reduce the cost in the fighting ranks.

Equipment Description: from the highlands trainer – female lamas, and equipment of this is to enhance the property, improve their ability to fashion. However, female monks dressed in the plateau, the main color with a more suitable Affinity with animals and nature. Red, blue natural affinity with the power of the plateau make the call Lama has more ability to reproduce the world Beauty and the Beast.

“Genghis Khan 2″ female occupations suit broke the news
Amidst Jason Jiang

South swordsman (female)

Professional Features: Southern Knight has superb fighting skills, accurate and fast attack, with excellent explosiveness, they are most adverse circumstances can have the opportunity to get out. Battlefield freely and wind action, nothing can stop their footsteps, they are elegant and agile killer, superb sword always feels hearty and overbearing.

Equipment Description: from the south of the elegant – Female Knight, the appearance of this set of equipment rather the Central Plains Southern atmosphere, whether from the cheongsam texture to match colors with a full Central Plains woman’s feminine and beautiful. Shoulders of the flower-shaped munsu more mellow temperament showing overall country seems quite rhyme. Moreover, the silk also makes this job Shenqingruyan equipment, kills between. “Sword over without leaving traces, only heard fragments of Flowers”

“Genghis Khan 2″ female occupations suit broke the news
Soft steel guards

Mongolian guards (female)

Professional Features: Genghis Khan conquered Mongolia Guard is one of the main forces in Europe, with long distance attacks, and strong ability to contain, so when the military confrontation, is essential for candidates Guards, known as Mobile Battery rhythm and attack of their attacks more stable region, and from start to finish to give the enemy on the battlefield can be the most lethal anti-personnel.

Equipment Description: Distance from the main Mongolia – Guard, the main tone of blue Mongolian Guard set, it is a kind of ecstasy of being domineering. Show more female role equipment, steel strong side. Decorated with light, bright blue of temperament, so that a long-killer, and more lethal. Rigid and Flexible co-exist in Mongolia Guard, a distance like a burst of blue whirlwind. Wherever he went, ashes.

“Genghis Khan 2″ female occupations suit broke the news
Shadow soft kill

Xia Assassin (female)

Professional Features: Assassin is the Western Xia Kingdom of carefully selected military garrison personnel who are professionally trained to become long-range assassin, adept behind the scenes action that they have hurt the proud force, the edge of a long walk in the dark, with a calm personality, extraordinary ability, the battlefield is often given a special mission to assassinate high-level enemy, cold-blooded assassins are always unknown to the Western Xia successful assassination mission.

Equipment Description: from the Western Xia maverick – Female Assassin, raven hair, the waist made of wear, protect the hands of wing scales. Profound sense of mystery with the blue people with murderous silence. Cikuan necessary equipment can be described as banditry in beauty. Streamline the overall design, dark armor to do with them. Either fight the enemy, or withdraw to escape all have extraordinary results. Midnight, the shadows flash heads landing … … silent.

“Genghis Khan 2″ female occupations suit broke the news
Torch of Women

Western torch to (female)

Professional Features: Western Western torch flame to be religious to pass the torch fire anywhere in the world of angels, they think clearly, the whereabouts of strange, always pay attention to the situation in the battlefield, always at a critical time for opponents by means of deadly anti-flame, the necessary time will choose to sacrifice their own lives glass slide.

Equipment Description: Western flame from the house – the torch women, as the melee of the Western torch so, defense equipment requirements can be quite high level. This set of equipment to undertake not only vested with the appearance of its device equipment female version is decorated with pure Phyllostachys create one. And honor the noble temperament, high defense and strength to do with them, Black and Purple mashups, prohibitive. Hosts the forefront of black gold cyclone blew once, then no one enemy.

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